About Me

First of all, thank you for visiting my website!

So let me tell you a little something about me.

I am a guy who loves helping people.  

Yes, I know…. it sort of sounds corny, but I really do enjoy helping others, particularly if they are struggling with some part of their relationship.

One of the very first websites I created to do just that is called, Ex Boyfriend Recovery.  I created the site to share my insights and passion about helping others.

chris speaks

I got drawn into this kind of work long ago when I was in High School.

I guess I was good at it.  And the desire to learn more so I could help others more just took over.

Since those beginnings, I have always been interested in finding solutions for men and women who have struggled in their romantic relationships.

chris seiter


By the way, I forgot to formally introduce myself!

My name is Chris Seiter.  

I am a “relationship consultant”.  

But really, what is a title except just some words, right?

One thing I learned is that often people seem conditioned or a bit too eager to put others into categories.

But the truth is that we are all something much more than what others think we are.

And often there are things we are still discovering about ourselves.

Indeed, I am sure there are aspects of myself that I don’t fully comprehend.

I bet there are certain things you don’t know about yourself!

And I am talking about some really good qualities.

Things like resolve, resilience, and adaptability.

Trust me, if you are struggling with relationship woes, those attributes will serve you well.

I like to remind my clients that if they take some of those great qualities they already possess and integrate some of the things I teach, then they have every opportunity to improve their situation.

What Else Should You Know About Me!

chris seiter speaker

So you now know I like to advise people about their relationships.

What does that really mean? 

What does that involve?

As a Relationship Coach, I seek to help people everyday.

I am fortunate to literally have millions of visitors that visit my websites.  

But I also enjoy making the speaking rounds and have appeared on many, many podcasts as well as produced hundreds of my own.

relationship podcast for women

By the way, I neglected to tell you about all of my websites!

Starting with where you are now, they include….




Feel free to check them out.

All of the content is completely original and it’s free.

You will find the content is updated weekly with posts, videos, and podcasts.

And my team and I love it when you weigh in with your comments.

So now you know a little about me!

But I am more than just a guy who dispenses of relationship advice!

I am a son, a husband, a father, a lover, a friend, a movie buff, a philosopher, a sports enthusiast, an executive planner, and a dishwasher (yep….I am that too!). 

I almost forgot.

I also started a Private Facebook Support Group.  Right now, if you wish to join, you need to go to my website, “ExboyfriendRecovery.com”.

It costs a one time fee of $99 to join.

It’s a pretty amazing place to hang out.  We have about 1000 people that are part of it.

You can share your story and insights as well as learn a great many things along with helping yourself and others.

Also, if you want to get some face time with me, that is where I do weekly live Facebook sessions.

So Who Am I?

OK, so let’s get back to me!

My academic background is in the Humanities.

I received my Associate’s Degree from San Jacinto College.

I attended the University of Houston which is where I pursued my Bachelor’s of Arts Degree.

For years, I have been fascinated by relationships and all of the things that affect relationships, including biology, sociology, psychology, and the impact social media has in our lives.

I like helping people figure things out.

Sometimes, the solutions are complicated.

But sometimes, they are well within your grasp.

Often, people are so close to their particular situation, they have difficulty seeing the bigger picture.

I also work with individuals and couples to optimize their relationship.  One should never be satisfied with the status quo.  Healthy relationships should see continuous growth and renewal.

I do provide 1 on 1 Coaching.  Yep, I charge for that.

But lately I have cut way back on my coaching sessions as I devote more time to my websites and eBooks.

book cover on ex recovery

I can help more people, at less cost, through my products offered at my websites.

And I mean that!

My typical Coaching session costs $240/hour.

My premium product package, which includes one of several popular eBooks, such as the “The No Contact Rule Book“, costs substantially less and you end up with considerably more content.

It’s Coded Into My DNA!

Interestingly enough, sometimes going through a breakup, separation or divorce can lead to an amazing individual journey.

I guess I am a “glass half full” kind of guy in a big way!

I enjoy my work immensely and I love it when I get feedback from my readers.

Your contributions and insights are instrumental in helping me modify and improve my own insights and philosophy.  

I never really thought of my interest in this area as a “calling”.  

But the work I do feels natural, fulfilling and intriguing.

It does make me feel good when I can help someone.  

I guess it’s coded into my DNA to help people make the right connections!

And if I can make a living at it and literally help millions of people, I see it as a big Win-Win!

And everyday I see people who need some kind of “win” in the lives.

If you have recently endured a relationship setback, you may feel broken right now.

Just know that will change.

You will get better.

And with the right frame of mind, you will learn valuable life lessons.

My Philosophy About Helping You 

helping women and men

As I mentioned earlier, I own and operate two of the largest “get your ex back” websites you can find.  

In developing these websites, my aim is to provide more than just some simple advice.  

My posts and podcasts are well researched and lengthy, just as they are here at this website.

And that is the way it should be.  

After all,  when it comes to relationships, nothing is simple.

You won’t benefit from simply hearing some cliches or platitudes. 

Hence, I strive to look at relationship solutions in a holistic manner.

I like to offer a lot of free advice in the form of lengthy articles.  

That is why so many of my website visitors are “returning visitors”.   

I like it when you return to the site.

Not because it makes me feel “popular”.

Sure, it brightens up my ego a bit.  But that is not the reason I like returning visitors.  

I like it when my website visitors come back again and again because I know they stand a much greater chance of success if they are open to soaking up more information.   

I take this same attitude and apply it to all of my eBooks which are currently available on my “Ex recovery websites“.

My philosophy with my ebooks is to seek to give people outstanding content and advice.

Make it better than anything they can get on my websites or anywhere else.

And make it interesting, funny, and offer actionable solutions.

So if you like what you read on any of my sites and are interested in any of my books, I am sure you will find them.

One Last Thought!

Before I go, let me leave you with one last thought.

We should all remember that there is no such thing as the perfect relationship.

While some couples end up being exceptionally compatible for a number of reasons, our quest for the perfect marriage or the ideal boyfriend or girlfriend is largely a figment of our active imaginations.

Don’t get me wrong.

We should all shoot for the stars.

Aim high.

Seek to continuously improve upon what you have now.

Just know that it takes work to improve the union of two people.

And I find that those couples that are willing to continually invest in their relationship are usually together a long time.

But if things don’t work out as well as you hoped, despite your best efforts, it should never be considered a complete failure.

You can always learn and grow and even pivot as may be needed to another path.

And your journey though life can take you to many places.

Places in your heart that are filled with joy.

This I believe wholeheartedly.